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A poor scholar of the top grade (24th Nov 22 at 2:20am UTC)
At dusk, Chen Caozhi returned to Gu Fu. That is to say, he went to see Gu Minzhi and reported to Gu Minzhi that Shangshutai had revised the custom system of Yin food and clothing and the order to persuade him to quit. Gu Minzhi was a little surprised by the order to persuade him to quit. It seemed that Huan Wen was very determined to break the land this time. He immediately visited Zhang Ping with Chen Caozhi at night to discuss the matter. Zhang Ping and Gu Minzhi knew that the sixteen counties of Danyang, Dongyang and Wuxing had used an excuse to delay the land cut off. Most of the chief officials of these sixteen counties came from the Yu family of Kuaiji, the He family of Kuaiji, the Wei family of Kuiji, the Zhu family of Wujun and the Lu family of Wujun. The Gu family and the Zhang family of Wu were still on the sidelines, and the Kong family had not yet supported Lu Shi because of the close relationship between Kong Wang and Chen Caozhi. Three Wu cremation is mainly concentrated in Yangzhou ten county, the ten county is Danyang, Yicheng, Wu county, Wuxing, will take, Dongyang, Xinan Linhai, Yongjia, Yixing, Jinling, in addition to Jinling county is not in the list of the break, the rest of the nine counties one hundred and twenty counties by three Wu cremation control about half, Lu Shi ordered sixteen counties to obstruct the break is only a preliminary test, three Wu clan if one mind link up, Can control the half of Yangzhou, Yu Xu land break simply can not go on, if the contradiction intensifies, it is not impossible to evolve into civil strife,best green coffee bean extract, but this is by no means Gu Mianzhi, Zhang Ping would like to see, as long as the ancestral inheritance can be preserved, as long as the family representatives can occupy a place in the court, as only the family children in the official career can be unimpeded. To meet these three needs, the three Wu cremation is willing to be in a secondary position in the court, try to avoid provoking fierce struggle, which can be said to be the consensus of the three Wu clan, but also Gu Rong, Lu play these people's steady and introverted strategy. But now LuShi think Geng Xu soil break has damaged the ancestral inheritance of three Wu clan,tannic acid astringent, must resist, and pity and Zhang with others think Geng Xu soil break though than the previous three soil break severe, but it is not unacceptable, after all, this is only review household person, the manor does not have any effect on the land, northerners also not take the opportunity to occupy the fields of southerners, and cancel the white It also had a great impact on the overseas Chinese in the north. Originally, the southerners were quite dissatisfied with the fact that the overseas Chinese in the north did not pay taxes and did not serve corvee. However, this time, the land cut obviously cancelled many preferential treatment conditions for overseas Chinese, so there was no need to confront Huan Wen on the matter of land cut. Zhang Ping said, "The revised household system of shade clothing and food stipulates that the first and second grades can occupy eighty shade households, and the ninth grade can also occupy ten households. The shade households of the ancestors can be inherited. In this way, a large part of the shade households can become legal shade households." Chen Caozhi said, "Let the younger generation do a rough calculation for Uncle Zhang. According to the new shade household system, how many legal shade households can the Zhang family in Wu County have?" Zhang Pinglue said thoughtfully, "There are one third-grade official, ghana seed extract ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, one fourth-grade official, two fifth-grade officials, five sixth-grade officials, seven seventh-grade officials, three eighth-grade officials and five ninth-grade officers in the Zhang family of Wu Prefecture." Chen Caozhi answered, "One person of the third grade occupies seventy shade households, one person of the fourth grade occupies sixty shade households, two people of the fifth grade occupy one hundred shade households, five people of the sixth grade occupy two hundred shadow households, seven people of the seventh grade occupy two hundred and ten shadow households, three people of eight grades occupy sixty shade households and five people of nine grades occupy fifty shadow households. The total is seven hundred and fifty." Gu Minzhi and Zhang Ping were amazed at Chen Caozhi's quick calculation. Zhang Ping planned in his heart: "There are nearly four hundred shade households inherited by my ancestors and fathers, which can add up to more than one thousand legal shade households. There are about one thousand hidden households in Zhang's manor. According to the new system of shade clothes, nearly four hundred of these one thousand hidden households can be transferred to legal shade households." The remaining more than six hundred hermit households had to be handed over to the government for registration. It seems bearable to bear taxes and corvee. Zhang Ping smiled at Gu Minzhi and said, "Brother Gu has more family property and more reclusive families than I do. I only follow Brother Gu's lead." Gu Minzhi shook his head with a smile and said, "It seems that Elder Brother Chang Zong is willing to hand over his hermitage. Then I'll go back to write a book and report it to my elder brother so that he can decide the matter as soon as possible." Three Wu clan, led by Gu Shi and Lu Shi, manor servants are also the most, although Gu is not clear about the exact number of their own hidden households, but there must be two thousand hidden households, this time at least half of them have to be handed over, the burden is heavier than Zhang Shi. "Brother Gu," said Zhang Ping, "let's go with me to see Brother Lu Zuyan first. The three Wu gentry are United. Although I don't agree with Lu Shi's drastic move, I must remind him not to let him go his own way.
” "The two uncles will go to see the minister of the mainland first," said Chen Caozhi. "I'll also pay a visit to the minister of Lu." "All right," said Gu with a smile, "let's go together." Lu Fu on the north bank of Hengtang, Gu Fu and Zhang Fu on the south bank, around the lake, but a mile, Gu Minzhi and Zhang Ping only took four or five servants to walk. Chen Caozhi, accompanied by Ran Sheng, led the way to Lu Fu. The sweet-scented osmanthus is fragrant in August. On the small island in the middle of Hengtang Lake, besides hundreds of canna trees, there are more than ten osmanthus trees. The night wind is blowing, and the faint fragrance is faint. Thinking of that day when Lu Wei Rui and the short hoe threw stones on the island, Chen Caozhi could not help smiling. The lovely appearance of Lu Wei Rui standing on his chest with one hand seemed to be in front of him. Gu Minzhi and Zhang Ping went to the Shangshu Mansion in the mainland to discuss the matter with Lu Shixiang. Chen Caozhi went to pay his respects to Lu Na. Lu Na was preparing to invite Chen Caozhi to meet him tomorrow. When he heard that Chen Cao-zhi wanted to see him, he immediately asked him to go to the study and look up and down at Chen Cao-zhi. He was as elegant and handsome as ever. Lu Na asked, "Has Cao Cao seen Wei Rui?" Chen Caozhi didn't expect Lu Na to ask this when he met him. "Yes," he replied. Lu Na asked, "Is Wei Rui all right?" Lu Na was very reluctant to give up his beloved daughter Huating, but he could not disobey the orders of his elder brother Lu Shi. Chen Caozhi said, "When Wei Rui passed by the Jizi Temple in Yanling, she rubbed the cross tablet written by Confucius." Chen Caozhi did not seem to answer the question, but Lu Na nodded. Satisfied with Chen Caozhi's answer, he asked, "What's the matter with Caozhi coming to see me at midnight?" Chen Caozhi said, "The younger generation came with Zhang Shizhong and Gu Zhongcheng. Zhang Shizhong and Gu Zhongcheng went to pay a visit to the minister of the mainland, while the younger generation came to pay a visit to Lu Shijun." Lu Na said, "Oh," and asked about the details. Chen Caozhi told him about the revision of the system of clothing and food and the order to persuade him to quit. Lu Na said, "Zhang Shizhong and Gu Zhongcheng have come to persuade my second brother to accept Yu Xu's order. It seems that Gu and Zhang have been persuaded by Caozhi." Chen Caozhi said: "The interests of the family, this is not the younger generation can control.". This is Zhang Shizhong, Gu Zhongcheng for the sake of long-term interests, full of damage, modest benefit, rich and powerful mergers can not be unlimited development, otherwise Jiangzuo will be chaotic. Lu Na twirled his beard and pondered. Suddenly he asked,akba boswellic acid, "Do you think I, Lu Shi, will never recover in the next three years?" 。 prius-biotech.com
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