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The world of online games (24th Nov 22 at 2:10am UTC)
The difference between the effects of stiffness and stupefaction: The player cannot do anything when he is stupefied, but once he is attacked, the stupefaction state will be cancelled. So why does the protagonist use the throat skill instead of the sneak attack skill in one-to-one after stealth? Generally, the second-turn knight always uses the next powerful attack skill that needs to consume gas collection time: Judgment Strike; Rigidity, on the other hand, is different. Although the time of rigidity is too little compared with the time of "confusion", the attack during rigidity will not cancel the state of rigidity. Therefore, once a powerful killer can perform continuously in a short time, relying on this move can either gain an absolute advantage or turn defeat into victory under disadvantage. I have no way to judge whether he is a turn or a second turn. I can only plan from the bad side and spend time with him first. After shooting a few arrows, I threw the crystal crossbow into my backpack and replaced it with the armor shield of the longicorn. In this way, if he really knows how to tremble, I can resist it. Anyway, the gloves he holds are also short-range weapons. Let's have a close combat. As soon as I slanted my head, I let one punch kill the two tigers. I raised my hand, and the blade of the curse was as light as a boneless punch to kill the arms of the two tigers. The damage of -110 showed that this guy's defense was not low. As soon as he ate the pain, his face unconsciously pumped, and his other hand hit me from below. I quickly lowered my shield to block it. The damage of -85 makes me feel good. One punch killed two tigers and a cow, whir, one after another more than a dozen punches, I raised the shield while resisting,Manual Flush Valve, while jumping to avoid, play a certain evasive effect of me, and was not eaten to death by him, the hand of the curse blade attack also slowly accumulated high. The physical strength consumed also made us pick up the blood-returning "medicine" from time to time and stuff it into our mouths. I secretly calculated that killing two tigers with one punch was basically about 700 injuries every time he took the "medicine", that is to say, his blood volume should be about 1500, and half of his physical strength would be returned to the blood that most players chose. A plan began to take shape in my mind. Unfortunately,Service Sink Faucets, before I could carry out the plan, I killed two tigers with one punch and took the first step before me. When I parried his fists, he relaxed his strength. As soon as he exerted his strength, a layer of blue "color" light shrouded the gloves. The teeth of tearing, which had been useless all the time, came out first. After shaking off my shield, the sharp tips of his claws cut the leather armor on my chest, and the tearing effect was immediately on my body. Then he staggered a step, his strong body horizontally blocked my back road, opened his mouth with a muffled roar, a few purple "color" light emerged on the blue "color" light group, with a squeaking sound hit heavily, was a trembling fist, my face "color" changed, Time Delay Tap ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, did not care to attack, hurriedly to the left. It seems that killing two tigers with one punch was a result of careful observation of the contest between me and the call of the wind, and I found that I preferred to flash to the left, so the two straight punches just now were just false moves, and the real killing was launched when I was just starting to dodge. Kill two tigers with one punch. The half-straight fist suddenly changed direction in the middle, swung to the right, and took advantage of the situation to hit back hard. I gave up the top punch, but unfortunately the bottom one didn't give up. I strongly despise you. Kill two tigers with one punch. At least you have such a big head. Do you have the nerve to give black punches to my important parts again and again? What you just want to hit my lower abdomen, I rely on, go down a little bit is not a little brother, if I have any serious physical and psychological consequences, I want you to suffer. I cursed and stood where I had been hit by the Thriller Fist. If my eyes could kill my opponent, I guess my eyes would have cut two tigers into pieces with one punch. This is miserable, I calculate his blood volume, he also calculates my blood volume, he seizes an opportunity ahead of time, we have suffered. Heavy fists hit me one after another, killing two tigers with one punch, showing contempt for me in their eyes and a triumphant smile on their faces. It looks like the assassin is dead. "In the stiff, the amount of blood is not much, it is estimated that there is no chance to turn the tables.".
” "It's a pity that I didn't even have a chance to use a backstab, so I was hung up by the orcs." …… The contestants around the ring are also talking while watching. Did I die like this? I was really unwilling. In my heart, I strongly called for "avoidance, avoidance". In a stiff state, the only thing I could count on was that my two pieces of purple and gold jewelry could bring me the chance of avoidance. These days, I had been taking "medicine" when my physical strength was reduced by one third, so the residual blood volume was much higher than the guess of killing two tigers with one punch. The amount of blood was only a little more than 300. After successfully evading the two fists that killed two tigers with one punch, I had no choice but to find the remaining amount of blood. As long as he gave me two more heavy punches, I would be dead on the spot. I wanted to let the attack that killed two tigers with one punch pass. Head can move, stiff time has passed, I suddenly stuffed back to the blood Dan, first a rapid jump to the right, followed by a shadow escape, forced into the stealth state, see me just stiff state support down did not hang up, a punch killed two tigers also a little surprised, the attack also slowed down a little, and when I forced into the stealth, disappeared in front of him. He didn't come to his senses and quickly set the trap. I won't give you a chance. I immediately went around to kill two tigers with one punch. The repressed cursed blade with an explosive throat cut the armor of his station collar. The damage of -510 showed that there must be the contribution of the broken armor effect, followed by the backstab. The shield in my hand was replaced by a crossbow. The sharp arrow with my vengeance fell on two tigers with one punch. His tall body was now a good target for me. The change of the war situation was a flash of lightning. Brother, I had a narrow escape from death. If I hadn't killed two tigers with one punch, I would have been in a stiff state without returning blood; Had it not been for the fact that I had a purple and gold bracelet, which increased my chances of evading, I would not have known who would die. But now,Prison toilet for sale, looking at the three straight and split arrows, I killed two tigers with one punch and "shot" him to the ground. I could say proudly: "Kill two tigers with one punch, and you will kill me." 。 cnkexin.com
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