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The villain boss always wants to bend me [wear it (25th Nov 22 at 1:49am UTC)
On the contrary, WT's stock market value is slowly rising. The Internet did not cover up the guilt of his own son, but destroyed his relatives for the sake of righteousness, and praised the behavior of apologizing to the vast number of netizens for the end of Xiuran. When shelling the end of Xiuran, he did not forget to praise the end of Guosheng. President, 13% of the shares have been purchased. "Thirteen?"? Is someone collecting it, too? "Yes, I checked the IP, but I can't find it out for the time being." Zhou Ya frowned and said. No need to check, besides WT, who else has such a big hand? He Nanting walked behind Zhou Ya, looked at the data on the computer screen, and then said: "Don't worry about them, then collect, collect as much as you can, don't exceed the expected value." "Good!" He Nanting is not worried about the means of WT, Ji Yazhi's action he has long been aware of, internal trouble has not been found, they intend to expand outward, WT gas number has been exhausted. Remembering the teenager who was still sleeping in bed when he left, He Nanting took out his cell phone and walked out of the room. Hello? Did the baby get up? "Well,Inflatable mechanical bull, I'm up." The voice is confused, obviously has not completely sobered up, he Nanting is a little annoyed that he did too much last night. There is milk and white porridge on the table outside. I let Wang Ma heat it every hour. Baby, go down to eat first. I'm going back now. "Is your company all right?" "It's all right." Zhou Ya, who was holding the document and wanted to sign it for He Nanting: ".." He Nanting turned around and saw the document in Zhou Ya's hand, "very urgent?" "What do you say at this time?" He rolled his eyes. He and Xiao Du had met for a few days. They were as busy as dogs. The man said it was all right. The factory under the clothing design department that your third uncle was originally in charge of has been dragging the bill for three days. It's obviously your third uncle's trick. What should we do? "No need to urge the bill, let the legal department go directly to talk to them about breach of contract and terminate the contract by the way." Zhou Ya nodded and looked at the man and said, "I'm talking to you as a friend now. Don't think I'm talkative." He Nanting looked at Zhou Ya in surprise,Inflatable 5k obstacle, nodded, Zhou Ya this person will never be in charge of other people's affairs, can let him like the old maid every day hang on the mouth to say that the boy. I heard that you got together with the prince of WT? He Nanting frowned and felt a little uncomfortable with Zhou Ya's words. He retorted, "I'm not doing it. I'm serious. I seem to.." Love *** him. Zhou Ya was just a test, but the man said it directly, and Zhou Ya was speechless. You're in love with him, so you're still planning to *** his father? As if realizing that the word "do" could not be used indiscriminately, Zhou Ya changed his tune: "Plan to swallow WT? Are you sure your angel won't stab you? "No." He Nanting has this kind of confidence. He even felt that Mo Xiuran loved him, and this feeling became stronger and stronger. Zhou Ya just reminded him that he would not say much when he saw that his friend had this confidence. My father asked me to go back today and leave after dinner, so I can't play with you. The teenager finished his last mouthful of milk and licked the white stains on the corners of his mouth. The man's throat rolled, swallowed a few times, said: "Baby, you sit down for a while, I have something to say to you." With that, he turned and went to the bathroom to take a shower. He Nanting took a shower and thought about how to tell his baby that his stepmother Ji Yazhi wanted to usurp the last company. Before she could think out the detailed method, Jumping castle with slide ,inflatable amusement park, she heard a "crackling" sound coming from the living room, plus a roar from the end of Xiuran. As soon as he shook, he put on his bathrobe and rushed down to the living room. In the living room. At the end of Xiuran's eyes were red, and with a chair in his hand, he smashed the TV hanging on the wall, which was already smoking, and he kept smashing it. What makes you say that about me? Who am I? I'm your son? What makes you say that about me? Why don't you believe me? Why The angry teenager smashed the TV and talked in his mouth like crazy. The man grabbed the boy's waist from behind with one hand and grabbed the chair from his hand with the other. The boy struggled, kicked down the tea table with his long legs, clasped the man's hand with both hands, and tried to take it away from his waist. Baby calm down, calm down, be good, calm down, I'm here. He Nanting pressed the boy on the sofa, looked him straight in the eye, and soothed him over and over again.
"Why should he?"? With what? He never looked at me, why didn't he believe me. The boy's voice was hoarse and dry, trembling as if it were not his own, and he grasped He Nanting's arm tightly, trying to get the answer from him. Good, I believe you, you are the best, you are my baby, he does not believe you because he has no eyes. You believe me? Do you really believe me? The boy straightened up his upper body, as if he was afraid that he Nanting would run away, locked his arm tightly, and asked expectantly. Yes, I believe in you. Whatever you do is right. I believe in you all the time and firmly. Then he imprinted a kiss on the boy's forehead, which was very pious. Teenagers seem to be completely relieved of the heart, the spirit suddenly exhausted, fell into the arms of He Nanting a heavy sleep. The man was startled, and after hearing the boy's steady breathing, he completely put down his heart hanging in the air, took the baby in his arms to the bedroom, covered it with a thin quilt, and gently withdrew from the room. The more he thought about it, the more wrong he was. He frowned and made a phone call: "Hey, Uncle Li, you come to Xishan Villa now. It's not me, my lover." Called Wang Ma to clean up the living room, he Nanting went to the study to open the computer, the Internet to check the recent trip at the end of the country, in the end what caused such a big reaction of teenagers? When he saw what the end of Guosheng said in an interview with the media early this morning, he Nanting punched the desk hard. For Xiuran to admit the fault, he fell into a good reputation, the teenager is really cheating? Has he seriously investigated whether he is a father in vain. Recalling the past of teenagers being picked up on the Internet before, He Nanting thought it was the rebellious behavior of teenagers,Inflatable bouncer, but now he thinks there may be something else. Another phone call went out: "Help me check the size of the end of the family in recent years, especially about the end of Xiuran." The other one replied, "Copy that." He hung up the phone. joyshineinflatables.com
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