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Dust at the bottom of the sword (25th Nov 22 at 1:45am UTC)
"Eh!"! Aren't you Huangshan Yishimeng Light Source of Huangshan Tiandu Peak Yiyuan? Full.. Huangshan Yishi sneered and asked, "Strange, how do you know the old man?" "I've been to Huangshan many times to visit Huijing Laoni. Why don't I know you?"? We just haven't talked to each other. Huangshan Yishi fought a cold war and said in horror: "I didn't expect you, an old man, to know me, but you're dead, and it doesn't matter if you recognize me!" "How did you get mixed up with these evil spirits in the universe?" "Humph!"! Mind your own business. Aunt Shang suddenly exclaimed, "Meng, aren't you the one who dated Yunlong Shuangqi on Xianrenfeng?"? Yunlong Shuangqi thought If you suffer misfortune, you will go to Yiyuan to look for you several times. It turns out that you are one of them. No wonder someone is in the immortal Feng digs and fills the tomb for Shuangqi and sets a trap to calculate Shuangqi! A thunderbolt from a sunny day is about to attack, and he asks sternly: "Meng, you used to be a rare figure among the heroes of the White Way. Why should you be willing to be dirty and not protect the late festival and this?" Some kind of monster? You are not a humble person, but you are wronged to be their little pawn. Aren't you ashamed? "If it weren't for the murder of Xianrenfeng, how could Jianghu be so out of control?" Said Aunt Shang bitterly? Meng, Why are you? Why? Why Huangshan Yishi Jiejie smiled and said, "Now I'm telling you, it's all right." "You say it." "The matter is very simple. The cause is that my friend Wolf with Nine Tails killed and stole goods in Anqing Mansion. We agreed in advance to wait for them to succeed." After that, give me some precious gold and silver for retirement. You know,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, living in seclusion in Mount Huangshan, no land, no ploughing and no weaving, right? Easy to pass. But after half a year, the nine-tailed wolf actually disappeared, the old man thought he broke his promise, a ruthless,micro gear motor, then sent someone to send. The letter begins to investigate the case of Yunlong Shuangqi; about them on the third day of March to meet at the foot of Xianren Peak, there is an important event to discuss, he We have met the old man several times, and the old man is a close neighbor of Huijing Lao Ni, so naturally we will go to Xianren Peak for an appointment. "So it's you who play tricks, it's you." "Don't worry, I'll tell you anyway. I don't want the nine-tailed wolf to bring five hundred taels on the third day after the old man sent the letter." Gold and silver and some precious treasures come to visit and fulfill their promises. "So you went back on your word." "How can you not keep an appointment?"? The old man is not a dishonest person. Wouldn't it be terrible if it caused double strange suspicion? Because the old man is slightly strange. Seek, then get rid of this trouble. "Did you send someone to attack Shuangqi?" "Ha ha!"! How could the old man be so foolish as to send someone to dig and fill his own grave? "Then you." "Many years ago, Shuangqi went to the west of Hunan Province and pounded the two brothers, the mysterious thief Ding Biao and the ghost thief Hu Lin, at the mountain gate of Shenzhou." The two of them were scattered, their families were broken, and Hu Lin's second son was pierced by a sword. "Oh!"! You're going to steal.. "Slow down, Vending Machine Motor ,Small Geared Motors, I didn't ask them to go, but I told them about the date, and they were very happy." It's none of my business to ambush. Hugh.. You damn dog! A bolt from the blue scolded angrily. Ha-ha! Don't scold. You won't live to noon tomorrow. It doesn't matter if you scold. Originally, the thief hoped to find a few more people. Go together, not as urgent as the time limit, the two of them had stolen Jiuling Poison Demon some poison disease Li, that has been sure, then rash. The ground has gone. As far as I know, the person who was invited by them to go together had a ghost judge Lu Ding, who was the best ghost. The idea of the guy, and Shuangqi have killed the son to destroy the family's deep hatred, three people hit it off, together to the Spring and Autumn Mountain Xianren Peak. "You didn't go?" "Don't joke, how can I be so stupid that I can compete with Yunlong Shuangqi?"? I want to enjoy a few years of happiness. "But you haven't been able to enjoy it." "Alas!"! Serves me right for my bad luck. Who would have thought that the two bastards would catch people to dig and fill the grave, but they found a square Shi Ting, almost lost his life. For this matter, the old man did not dare to go back to Huangshan, and the Jiuling poison demon also lost the poison disease Li. Bo Shuangqi pointed out that he was an accomplice and fled to Miao District to be a savage.
” "It also set off a storm in Jianghu because of this incident." "I can't blame the old man for the unexpected turn of events." "You old dog, do you know how many lives have been lost because of this?" "All the people in the world are dead, and it has nothing to do with the old man, as long as the old man lives well." "The old dog." You scold and eat two more pieces of meat tomorrow. Ha ha ha Huangshan Yishi finished, laughing wildly and retreating far away. Here we go. With a sigh of thunder from a clear sky. Aunt Xiang Shang said with a wry smile, "Sister-in-law, if the news doesn't come out, Shuangqi may die." In the hands of Fang Shiting, it's over! "It's over. You and I don't have long to live. We can't get the news out." Aunt Shang said sadly. Soon, Huangshan Yishi turned back again and asked with a smile: "Is it true or not that Fang Shiting, who is on patrol in Jiujiang, wants to arrest you, the Three Heroes of the Wind and Dust?" A bolt from the blue moved in his heart and said, "Yes, he will ask you for help. If the old man dies, you will have to replace him." Husband goes to the court to atone for his crime. Why are you waiting to die here? If I were you, I would have escaped thousands of miles away. "Ha ha!"! You don't have to waste your time. We are not afraid of Fang Shiting. Half a month later, we will gather all the heroes in the world. You These white road running dogs headed by Siming strange guests will be caught in a net. Jiuhua Mountain will be the graveyard where you will be buried. "It's better to die early. It's the same sooner or later." "You speak too soon." "We'll see about that." "What kind of people do you invite?" It's enough to deal with you anyway. Take you three heroes of the wind and dust. The highest in the art industry is the eldest Wuyi Yun Zhongzi. Tai Qing, he has become a Gang Qi, but under the attack of Tianxuan Shengang of Canghai Guest, Yunzhongzi will have no chance. The last time Canghai guest was in Gaoqiao, he attacked Siming strange guest, both of whom were defeated and frightened. The witch of the underworld and Fang Shiting appeared, and there was a vicious grass fight. The end of the grass. After the event, Cang Haike did not mention a word about what had happened. In fact,Micro Gear Motor, he had fought with Yun Zhongzi in a hurry. Take out, and at the end of the cloud neutron wound in the palm, know that he is not much better than the cloud neutron. ichgearmotor.com
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