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Burning the Sky _ Wandering Toad _ txt Novel Parad (25th Nov 22 at 1:44am UTC)
Gu Guiling saw that there was no trace of Hinayana magic on Chen Qi's body. After saying this, he asked strangely, "Why is there no trace of Hinayana magic on Younger Martial Brother?"? Did you, like me, give up this harmful thing? Chen Qi shook his head and said again that the Hinayana magic had congealed into the Hinayana Demon Ancestor, who had been locked in the filthy black coffin and had stayed in the Seven Phoenix Realm. Only then did Gu Guiling know that Chen Qi's Taoism was far beyond his imagination. He just asked a few questions and then stopped worrying about him. Gu Guiling had been instructed by Qiao Kui Taoist for a long time. He knew that the Demon Ancestors of Hinayana magic were all controlled by someone, and they could not really do harm. Even if there was any harm, the key was not their younger generation, but the peerless Phoenix who created the universe. Chen Qi rescued Gu Guiling, the heart is also quite excited, he chatted with Gu Guiling for a while, began to sink down, focused on the body of the group of endless conflict above the evil gas. This group of magic gas is extremely concise, has always wanted to demonize his primordial spirit, but Chen Qi does not stick to the Yin and Yang gas, or Xuanhuang gas, are extremely powerful means, not afraid of any magic gas infection. But this group of magic gas is very concise, Chen Qiyi time can not refine it, then casually grasp, from the body to catch it out. When Gu Guiling saw this group of evil spirits, his eyes lit up and he said with a smile, "Younger Martial Brother, if it's difficult to refine this group of evil spirits, I'll give it to you as a brother. I just got the advice of Qiao Kui Daozun and condensed the curse spirit in my body into a magic banner. I need these evil spirits to nourish me." Chen Qi is not unable to refine, just to spend a little hands and feet,Vegetable oil filling machine, listen to Gu Guiling useful, then handed over this group of magic gas. As soon as Gu Guiling shook his body, a magic banner flew out, and ten golden lights were released from the banner, which made the group of magic gas disappear. Gu Guiling received this group of evil spirits. Then he said to Chen Qi with a smile, "This magic banner is called Shijue Seal Magic Banner. What is sealed inside is the group of King Kong Curse.". It's just that the method of sacrifice and refining is very strange. It can control this group of curse spirits at will, but it is not harmed by anything. Although this magic banner is strange and insidious, it is good at unconsciously eroding the magic power of others, but it is not suitable for fighting, so it can not be used when fighting with the main magic of the yuan Demon Army. But it is very easy to refine the evil spirit of these military leaders. Chen Qi was slightly surprised. He asked Gu Guiling to borrow this magic banner and looked at it for a while. He exclaimed in his heart, "This magic banner is really ingenious in design. The Taoist ancestor who created this magic formula is a genius in heaven. It's not for me to guess." Chen Qi also understood that this magic banner was not necessarily on the top of refining the magic gas, which was sharper and more mysterious than his own Xuanhuang Qi and Yin and Yang Qi, but as long as its function was to isolate the erosion of various devils of Hinayana magic, it could be controlled at will. As far as this point is concerned, water bottling line ,CSD filling line, this magic banner is a highly targeted magic weapon, which is much better than his use of Xuanhuang Qi to forcibly control Hinayana magic. Chen Qi played for a while, and returned the ten magic banners to Gu Guiling. He saw that there were at least seventeen or eighteen heads of soul consciousness on the ten magic banners, and now they were all polluted by the King Kong Curse. He knew that the brother Gu Guiling had killed a lot of Demons. Otherwise, the ten evil banners would not have such magic power, and even the magic power of the Demon King could be refined. With a slight smile in his heart, he said to Gu Guiling, "Now that Elder Martial Brother has got out of trouble, we brothers might as well join hands to find the Nine Saints of the True Heaven to take revenge. We can't let them bully people in vain and give up like this." ~ Novel Txt, Tang 469, a hundred years of seclusion Gu Guiling received the Ten Magic Banners and said with a smile, "I won't go with you to find trouble for them now. Although I have become a primordial spirit, I haven't finished practicing the hundred refined sword boxes of the Taibai Sword Jue. Now I'm going to find trouble for someone. Maybe because of my poor ability, I can't get out of my temper and suffer a lot.". It is better to practice these skills well, so that these people can be brought together.
” Chen Qi smiled. It was also because his magic power could not be accomplished quickly that he went to practice the heretical methods of the Juyang God's axe. When he heard this, he had no choice but to say, "Isn't that cheap for these Nine Saints of True Heaven?"? I don't know how many years it will take for us to reach that level. Gu Guiling smiled faintly and said, "Fundamentally speaking, in the world of spiritual practice, the competition is about who can live longer. It is better to compare magic than to compare Taoism, and it is better to compare longevity than to compare Taoism." Chen Qi Heiran smiled, knowing that he was still impatient, but Chen Qi, after all, was tempered by the heart of the Tao, and immediately calmed down his mind. After he left the Seven Phoenix Realm, he was somewhat eager for quick success and instant benefit, unscrupulous, although the improvement of magic power is indeed much faster, it is not enough to describe the rapid progress, but the fundamental Taoism has not increased much. The enemies he met before were just ordinary people, and he didn't feel anything. When he met the most talented people in the original people, such as the three princes of Rogge and the Lord of the yuan Demon Army, he suddenly woke up and found that the most worthy thing to rely on was the Taishang Mojin and the Dragon and Tiger Regent, who took the evil means, even if they practiced to more than ten Even the 18 heavy prohibitions, which were only cultivated by the generation of the Dharma Body of the Primordial Spirit, are still not comparable to his fundamental Dharma. Gu Guiling suggested that the two of them practice in seclusion. Chen Qi just thought about it for a moment and thought it was the safest idea. He immediately suggested to Gu Guiling, "When I first came to Xuantuo Xinghai, I once subdued a sect called the Jiuxiao Cave True Sect. Since we want to practice magic, we might as well go to the Jiuxiao Cave True Sect.". After all, this kind of thing can't be done in a day. It's better to have a safe place than to find one at random. Gu Guiling knew that Chen Qi had always done things steadily. He smiled and said, "Just follow the wishes of the Younger Martial Brother. Let's go to the True Sect of Jiuxiao Cave." As soon as Chen Qi showed off the light,PET blow moulding machine, he took Gu Guiling to the void and went straight to the yuandu Star occupied by the True School of Jiuxiao Cave. Since Chen Qi put the Congenital One Qi Mixed yuan Array outside the yuandu Star, it has become a place that the Qi refiners of the Jiuxiao Cave True Sect yearn for. Many people moved here with their families and settled down. Now almost 90% of the Qi refiners of the Jiuxiao Cave True Sect have moved to the yuandu Star, making it very lively. gzxilinear.com
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