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The Magic Era of Online Games (25th Nov 22 at 1:42am UTC)
Thinking about it, I felt that all the equipment on the ground seemed to have become the best equipment and gold equipment. I couldn't help licking my dry lips and quietly swallowed the liquid in my throat back into my stomach. I began to think about whether I should whisper with Zilei, ask for a leave with Zilei, and then run up to make a big profit.. After all, with my present speed, close combat zombies simply can not have a chance to get close to themselves, as long as the zombie B is not looking for a chance to K, running over to pick up some equipment is absolutely not a problem. Moreover, if you want to pick up equipment, you can only take advantage of it. In case the rabid dragon runs back, or the purple rhinoceros runs out after washing the undead canyon with blood. Whether you can pick up the equipment is another matter. Thinking of this, I finally couldn't help proposing to leave the team and go out for a walk. "Turn around?" Purple Thunder and Kunta rolled their eyes at me with disdain at the same time: "If you want to get equipment, just say it, cover up and engage in underground activities?" "Yes!" Embarrassed "touch" "touch" nose, I looked at the whisper. The latter nodded: "Want to go, anyway, you are fast, equipment defense is also good, be careful should not be dangerous." By the way, if you see weapons or equipment used by soldiers, as long as they are good,sonicator homogenizer, you can stay. The market for soldiers' equipment is large, popular, and the price is high. Of course, it would be nice to have jewelry, which is small in weight and precious. I didn't expect to whisper about this, but it was more thoughtful than I thought. Even Purple Thunder and Kunta looked stunned and quickly proposed to go with me. I don't know.. "Purple Thunder can go, but Kunta can't. You are too slow. If you are surrounded, it will be dangerous." At this point,ultrasonic cutting machine, she turned to the others around her who were eager to try: You don't have to think about it. Unless someone has a scroll back to the city. In a word, the fluky mentality that has just risen in the hearts of the people is completely broken-back to the city scroll, who is willing to buy such expensive consumer goods? However, the caution of whispering is not unreasonable-the more advanced B, the wider the field of vision, and at the same time, it can command ordinary Warcraft to do some very insidious dangers, so that people unconsciously fall into it. Some of them don't move fast enough, and some of them don't have enough defense. If they go there, they not only can't get equipment, but they may even put themselves in it. What's more, they may bring trouble to the whole team. Although the whispering mercenary soldiers around were disappointed, this experience also made them (them) secretly determined: after going back, they must save money to buy a scroll back to the city and put it in their backpacks. Maybe they will encounter a similar situation again. It's good to make a small fortune! Chapter 185 making a fortune. Chapter 185 making a fortune. After leaving the team, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic extraction cbd, Purple Thunder and I, one left and one right, quickly swept the equipment all over the ground in the middle of the zombie zone. Xiaolin, where are you going? Just a moment of time, purple thunder felt the direction of the two surprised, hurriedly asked loudly. Without looking back, I pointed to the gorge washed by the blood of the violent dragon: "I'll go there and have a look. Brother Zilei, be careful yourself!" Say that finish, I have started to walk quickly, without the slightest delay to skillfully shake through a batch of zombies, toward the gorge road. With a speed of 200 agility, these slow-moving zombies have no chance to get close at all. On the way, they only need to avoid those level 31 zombies properly. The other two zombies, which are less than level 3 but have long-range attack ability, can't deal effective damage to me at all.
(Lv31 Ouray Zombie's magic attack is between 30-38, and my magic defense is 33-33) You're crazy! What if the rabid dragon comes back? Purple thunder anxious face "color" white, but did not dare to catch up, although these zombies are not in his eyes, but those Wulei zombies are always a trouble, zombie leaders can not be underestimated. And if the violent dragon turns back, with his speed, the danger of "sex" is very great! "I have the scroll back to the city with me. It's all right!" Hearing Purple Thunder's anxious call, I quickly sent a message to reassure him-but secretly I didn't think so. Once the violent dragon turned back, I had the idea to lead it to the opposite side and create a chance for Whisper and her brothers and sisters to leave the zombie zone. After all, the fury dragon is the fourth rank B, when returning to the black "color" forest, people who do not return to the city scroll are still in danger of being seconds-it is not a wise choice to get off the line near the advanced level training area. Of course, there is another main reason that attracts me to go to the gorge road! That is, the equipment explosion of the Gorge Road is concentrated, and the number is large! With the ability of my eagle's eye, I can't see whether they belong to the "sex" in a short time, but judging the rank and rank from the "color", there is not much problem. In addition, it is very easy to find jewelry in places where equipment is concentrated. However, when Purple Thunder was relieved, I didn't realize that the two groups of "chaotic" and supreme people who had retreated to the left and right of the Undead Canyon Passage had found themselves flying into the Canyon Passage. They were stunned and couldn't believe their eyes. A mercenary soldier of the chaotic world, who was ready to laugh and say, 'That boy is crazy,' saw the speed of the figure in the distance suddenly increase to a very terrible point, and the last two words unconsciously swallowed back and turned to exclamation: "So fast!" In the crowd, the hunter of the "chaotic" world frowned and stared at the figure as if it were a black "color" ghost, and a strange familiar feeling appeared in his heart. "I don't think I've seen this man before." As soon as the absurd idea emerged, it was dispelled by the hunter of the "chaotic" world. He turned to ask the people around him, and finally someone recognized the identity of the man in the distance. It seems to be a scavenger Kirin. I noticed him when he came. The equipment was too conspicuous. But I'm not 100% sure. The speaker was an archer of the Supreme Mercenary Regiment, who said that he was not sure, but the Supreme Mercenary soldiers around him were quiet. They all thought of yesterday's rumors. Amazing speed, black "color" equipment,ultrasonic metal welding, and then the archer oral guess, the other side's figure has been basically determined! They are all people who know the "person" who picks up waste and Kirin, and naturally they are also people who find it difficult to accept the reality in front of them. fycgsonic.com
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