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Ivy killing game (25th Nov 22 at 1:32am UTC)
A strange and inexplicable taste rushed straight into the brain, like spicy and rancid, sweet and sour. Suddenly, countless images came to my mind, which made me dizzy. A lot of people, a lot of things, originally thought have been forgotten clean, this moment and all clear as if yesterday. A burst of discomfort in the abdomen, no longer stuffy, "whine" to a long sound, put a long sound fart. Just heard the conversation between Xingyun and Zhang Xiaojun: “…… It's strange that you should be so kind to Xiao Wang and give him the medicine you spent so much time to get. The reason is very simple. The treatment that people receive comes from people themselves, what they pay, what they get. If he is good to me, I will be good to him. You are fierce to me, and naturally I am no better to you. Section 32 In the middle of the night, an altar was set up on the square in front of the Industrial Bank on the east side of the Ivy 54 store. It took Xingyun four or five hours to set up this altar. Of course, the tiger skin of Zhang Xiaojun, the captain of the criminal police, was indispensable. Otherwise, no matter which bank,smartboard for business, I'm afraid it won't let a charlatan do these things at the door. Although most Fuzhou people are dubious about ghosts and gods. According to Xingyun's private boast, this Dharma Altar is no small matter. It originated from the Demon Subduing Array handed down by the immortal Lu Dongbin, and has been strengthened by the cutting-edge technology he has studied with great concentration for many years. It is easy to kill ordinary ghosts. Only when I asked Zhang Xiaojun how much confidence he had, he hemmed and hawed, trying to open up the topic and prevaricate. Both of us have a lot of experience, where can not see this trick in the hands of his adoptive father may have shown a lot of magic, although the master of theory said with certainty, but I am afraid it has never been used. But now,65 inch smart board, there is no other way but to let him go. It may work at one stroke, but we don't know. Although it is a temporary altar, there is no shortage of sacred flags, umbrellas, bells, cymbals, and the true face of the immortal master. On the altar are three-year-old rooster blood and glutinous rice soaked in cinnabar. There is also a small bottle of black dog blood, which has been prepared in an unknown way, rumbling in a sealed glass bottle, which is really a bit strange. Xingyun, dressed in an ochre Taoist robe, closed his eyes and rested with an old peach wood sword in his hand. There was not a trace of expression on his face. Banyan City was near the sea, and it was windy at night, which made the paper around the altar fly. For a time, smart board touch screen ,75 smart board, it really has a kind of ancient meaning. Had it not been for the fact that Zhang Xiaojun's men had set up a warning circle far away, good words would have persuaded the pedestrians coming this way to leave, and the onlookers would surely have been indispensable. Seven or eight meters away from the altar, more than a dozen of us stood loosely. After all, I did not resist the strong curiosity of my brothers and sisters in the club, and they were also in the middle of the incident, so I acquiesced in them to watch the game. They were huddled together with me. Fang, Gu Datou and his two bodyguards stood together, one or two meters away from us. Only after Zhang Xiaojun finished the arrangement, he said hello mysteriously and left. Look at his eyes, I think he found something. There was silence all around, except for the lighter in the hand of the wind thief, which was flashing brightly and darkly. 0:00, which is what the Chinese traditionally call midnight. According to the theory of Yin and Yang in Taiji, it is the time when Yang is weak and Yin is strong. With a bang, Xingyun's eyes were wide open. The peach wood sword clapped heavily on the altar, and then shrank in. He strung together more than ten pieces of paper on the altar. His left hand brushed the void on the wooden sword, and a group of flames lit up all the paper. This hand is so beautiful that even I can't help but want to drink a few words. Although the last one was secretly using a special electronic lighter, the first two movements showed that he had worked hard on his basic skills. How many people can shake up a whole stack of paper on the table with one sword, and then string it up cleanly before the paper falls to the ground? His left hand pinched the seal, his right hand waved the flaming sword, and the smelly Taoist priest stepped on the position of the seven stars and muttered in his mouth: "Chasing demons and defending the way, protecting the living beings.". Peng Men's Art is handed down from generation to generation. I respectfully ask Patriarch Nan Tianzhao Tianzhen Jun to show his divine power and sincerely grant his disciples boundless magic power! I held my breath and opened my eyes wide to see the manifestation of God. The temperature dropped suddenly.
Fuzhou has a warm climate. Even in winter, it is rarely below 10 degrees. It is the warmest in May and June. However, everyone is wearing T-shirts and shirts, and several girls are wearing skirts. So when the temperature drops, the feeling is very obvious, and naturally I think it is the reason for the cloud casting. Psychologically, I immediately felt that the wind was blowing all around, the cold was dense, and the darkness in the distance seemed to hide countless charms, waiting to be eaten. The temperature is dropping faster. But for a moment, I could see the white mist from each other's breath. In a short time, it seemed that from the warm early summer to the cold early spring. The members of the Ivy Club huddled together, relying on each other's body heat to ward off the sudden cold. Gu Datou, who was as thin as a skeleton, stood there casually, with two big men called stone and wood standing upright behind him, unaware of the change in temperature. This is no wonder, they are all special forces, killing people is still indifferent, how can they be afraid of this little cold. But the petite Ah Fang, who wears a set of casual clothes common to urban white-collar workers, is elegant and fashionable, but she can't stop the chill at all. It's not like we can huddle together to keep warm and shiver. The girl was so stubborn that she stood side by side with Gu Datou and refused to ask for help. During my observation, the cloud Taoist priest on the altar also noticed a change. The peach wood sword was dancing more quickly,smart boards for conference rooms, and the spells of the yellow paper book were burning one after another, which made the temperature drop faster, and soon a layer of white frost appeared on the surface of the earth. Suddenly there was something falling in front of me. I looked up and saw snowflakes as big as goose feathers falling down in the night. It began to snow. Everyone found this strange phenomenon. Most of the members of the club were from Fujian. They had never seen a heavy snow in their lives. They were surprised and excited. Several girls cried out even more happily. hsdsmartboard.com
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