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Hunting Country _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise (25th Nov 22 at 1:30am UTC)
With a mouthful of wine and a mouthful of meat, Xia Ya quickly swept away a leg of mutton. Then he patted his belly comfortably and said with a smile, "You boy, you have roasted a good meat." Irente was now a little calmed down and not as frightened as before. Partly because of the effect of the gem, and partly because he had seen some of the way, the old man did not seem to be an evil ghost. Legend has it that evil spirits eat the flesh and blood of living people and are afraid of heat and fire. But the old man sat by the fire, eating a hot roast leg of lamb, eating very happily, obviously not an evil ghost. Although when he appeared, the scene was bigger than weird. However, come to think of it this way, it seems to be a master with unique skills! At the thought of "superior", Irente's eyes lit up! I couldn't help looking up at God with tears in my eyes. Could it be that the gods have finally opened their eyes and my luck has finally changed? ! After eating and drinking enough, Shaya put away his smiling face and looked at Irente for a while, asking first what this place was. Then Shaya was sure that he was still in Moore County, and that the crack in space cut by the lightsaber was not too far away. According to the young man named Irente, he is now probably located in a barren mountain forest about ten miles away from the former uninhabited village. The news made Shaya a little happy in his heart. He was worried that he had cut a crack in the space, but don't take himself far away. If you get it to the south, or get it to some place like Odin or Landis,silk cherry blossom tree, then. It'll be fun! Now that I know I'm still in the north of Moore County, and it seems that it's only about three days away from Denzel City if I ride a fast horse, which is not too far. So It's always good news. So you're Byzantine? Is it the villagers of Moreshire? I didn't follow anyone to Danzig before. Ercheng, a man hiding in the mountains? Shaya asked the young man's background, can not help laughing, "you this guy is strange, say you are timid,fake ficus tree, but you dare to hide in the field alone in enemy-occupied areas, not afraid to be caught by Odin to eat it?"? Say you're bold, but you were scared half to death when you met me just now. Irente smiled shyly, looked at Shaya, and asked cautiously, "That?" A. Then may I ask who is.. "Me?" Xia Ya holds out his chest: "Listen well, this uncle is not an evil ghost! Ben Grandpa is the chief general of Moore County! Do you understand? ?” The chief? For a young farmer like Irente, the sheriff was already a big official. He suddenly became nervous, especially after listening to Shaya's answer, which made the young farmer suddenly feel a little excited. Chief, general? This Isn't it just in line with his first fantasy before: meet a general, then enter the army, make great military exploits, and rise in the world. Didn't you just meet a general in front of you? ! There is a second dream. Meet an outsider and learn all kinds of magical skills. This guy in front of us, artificial banyan trees ,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, the ability is so magical, is not a ready-made master? ! One of my dreams seems to have come true in an instant. It seems that God is really blessing me, Irente! Maybe Maybe the third dream, that noble lady's luck in love can also come true! Thinking of this, Irente twisted, looked at Shaya, and couldn't help saying, "that." My Lord, do you have any beautiful sisters or daughters? Port! Irente fell straight out, and his left eye turned black and blue. After resting for a while, Shaya asked, "Well, I can't stay here long.". Do you have a horse? I brought this big car. There must be an animal pulling a cart. Irente smiled bitterly and spread out his hands.
Shaya looked at this guy, saw that the other side was dressed very simple, and did not look like a family that could afford to raise a horse, and sighed. Without a horse, let Uncle Ben pull his own cart all the way from here to Denzel City?! As he spoke, he thought for a moment, and finally his eyes fell on Irente, and his eyes lit up: "Ah!"! You are such a guy He looks tall and powerful, and he should have some strength. Ok! That's you ! Go find a rope and put it on. Let's go now! Vehicle ) $Irente felt that he was not blessed by the gods. It's cursed! He was tied with a thick rope. Like an animal, with the horse behind him, the damned carriage was not as heavy as it should have been, or even surprisingly heavy. Light 1111 1R But no matter how light it is, it's a carriage! What's more, that damn "General" is still swaggering in the car. If oneself is a little bit slow, is a whip hit over. Although he never really hurt himself, but along the way, Irente had never suffered since he was a child. He was originally a man who loved leisure and hated work, but this time, he was very tired. Walking in the middle of the night, one of the shoes under his feet had fallen off, panting as if he would faint at any time, and the sound of pulling the cart made half of his shoulder almost broken. Finally, after midnight, Jia Ya mercifully called a halt. Looking at the young man who was so tired that he could only breathe, Xia Ya was a little dissatisfied. "Look at you, you are so strong. It turns out that you are a good-looking and useless thing. You have grown so big in white.". All right, let's stop and rest, sleep for a few hours, and then we'll go on our way after dawn. As if granted amnesty, Irente fell headlong on the side of the road. But Shaya jumped down and kicked him up. Irente was afraid. When he looked up, he saw the old man looking at him and smiling. "There is dew outside,faux ficus tree, and there is a lot of humidity at night. Go to sleep in the carriage." Irente was overjoyed and climbed gingerly into the carriage and sat side by side with Shaya. But Irente did not understand that the old man had a strange temper and refused to close the door of the carriage when he slept. And this cart is also very strange, this carriage has only one door, but not even a window. hacartificialtree.com
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