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The pretty girl is in charge (24th Nov 22 at 2:46am UTC)
"Don't cry." It was the first time I had seen Jue Ling cry since I had known her for so long, and it was for him. Shi Youxuan was moved and said, "Xiao Ling, don't cry.". I have to rely on you to help me! "Hey, I seldom cry. Can't you let me cry enough at a time?" She complained bitterly, saying so, but in fact she could not stop the tears of impatience for a moment. What else can he say! Perhaps he has made many women cry in his life, but those women cry because they can't get his heart, and few people cry for him, especially Xiao Ling, who is soft on the outside and firm on the inside. Thinking of this, Shi Youxuan simply threw aside his sadness and impatience and began to appreciate the crying of the absolute spirit. To tell the truth, Jue Ling's crying is not in line with the beauty's crying, neither elegant, nor the slightest sense of beauty, can only be described as ugly and miserable. Anyone who sees a person crying until his eyes are red and swollen, his nose is runny from crying and his nose is red from blowing,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, not to mention the unreserved crying of Jueling. But in the eyes of Shi Youxuan, she felt that she was the loveliest at the moment. Of course, she could not say with conscience that she was beautiful at the moment, but she deserved to be lovely, which was his truest feeling. Thank you "Thank you for crying for you," she nodded knowingly. I have cried enough for two people. It seems to be a boy. You are not allowed to shed tears in front of me. "Jueling looked at Shiyou Xuandao with eyes as big as walnuts.". In fact,cold drawn tubes, even if he wanted to cry, he was afraid that he could not shed tears, but he would not tell her that. But he also found her weakness. She was afraid of people crying, and she had to make good use of it another day. Hello! Did you hear what I said? She did not change her personality. Yes My God! Is this the sad doll just now? He wouldn't have believed it if it hadn't been for the unswollen walnut eyes and the nose comparable to the black pearl wax apple! "Very good!" I'm tired of crying, so I need to have a rest. She got up and walked to the bed. That And now? Shi Youxuan saw her get up and thought she had an idea of how to act, so he asked excitedly. Sleep "Sleep?" He asked in disbelief. Crying is a very tiring thing! And I need a clear mind to sort it out, so the prerequisite is to have enough rest. With a clear explanation, Jue Ling immediately picked up her 18th birthday gift and fell asleep without paying any attention to Shi Youxuan. Watching her fall asleep sweetly, he shook his head with a wry smile. She was holding his birthday gift in her arms, a stuffed doll in the shape of a lion, which she named Little Monk. At that time, he made fun of her for choosing a bad name. I still remember her laughing contemptuously. She only said, impact beam tubes ,side impact beams, "Someone dared to give me a doll as a gift for my 18th birthday, but he dared to say that I didn't have the ability to choose a name. It's a joke. How creative it is to call a little monk. It's better than naming him'Ryan '!" At that time, he really wanted to make such a suggestion, but before he opened his mouth, he was laughed at first, and if he opened his mouth, he would not be laughed at to the point of breaking his skin. Looking back now, it seems like it happened yesterday. Now. Look at her sleeping like a child. For the first time, I honestly asked myself why I never wanted to pursue her? Wisdom and intelligence are her essence, but she has no shortcomings in appearance and figure. Why did she never want to pursue her and take her as her own? There is an answer in the heart to emerge, Shi Youxuan deliberately ignored it, thought, how possible. Yes! How is that possible? Because of inferiority, I'm afraid I don't deserve her! How is that possible! For this clear answer, Shi Youxuan is absolutely sniffy. It's just. Facts are facts after all. With a sigh, he returned to his temporary perch in the painting. Mouth. Mouth "Xiao Ling, Xiao Ling!" Knocking outside the door was urgent, and the volume of his voice was louder and louder, so loud that he could not ignore it. What's the matter? She opened the door sleepily and saw yuan Juechi in a mess. Is the sky falling? Be good, go to the top. Leave me alone! As usual, yuan Juechi would have laughed at his sister's words, which were not big or small, but he could not laugh at this time today.
"Xiao Ling, the sky has not collapsed, even if the sky has collapsed, it is useless to find you!" yuan Juechi looked at his sister as if she wanted to go back to sleep, and quickly grabbed her, "Wait a minute!" "What's the matter?" "Something has happened to the little monk!" "Don't call him Little Monk. Only I can call him Little Monk!" Although Jueling is not very sober yet, he is very insistent on this point. Yes! Something's happened to Woo-hyun! He had to repeat it again. I know! Jue Ling answered like this in his mouth. She thought to herself that she was not dreaming. Let's go to the house quickly! yuan Juechi urged. All right! I'll wash my face first! She turned back to the room and looked around the door, but there was no sign of Youxuan. "Where did you go?" "Xiao Ling!" "Just fine." Hearing her brother's urging voice, she quickly cleaned up and went out of the door. Let's go. "You're not worried at all!" yuan Juechi saw his sister with a happy face and was not impatient at all. Worry? It's not too early to worry if you haven't even seen him. Jueling's funny rhetorical question. The fact is also the case, not to mention that she has already "seen" the room Youxuan, the worst is what the heart has a case. Urgent? I've been crying, and now I'm just waiting to find a way to help him. You! You should inherit the dojo at home. You are calm and rational enough. Jue Chi looked at his sister's performance and expressed his feelings. Earlier, if I had let my brother see her crying loudly, I wondered if my brother would still say that? "I'm not fit!" Jue Ling said sincerely, "Don't you know what you can do?" "If you could be a little uglier, you'd probably fit in." yuan Juechi rubbed his sister's hair and teased. It's not scary enough now. "That's right!" She didn't take it seriously. According to past records,side impact door beams, if Jueling is really allowed to inherit the dojo, then the disciples of the dojo can be described as peaches and plums all over the world. It's a pity that everyone's intention is not to drink, and I'm afraid it will ruin the reputation of the dojo in the future. cbiesautomotive.com
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