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Genius Dan Pharmacist: Ghost King Poison Concubine (24th Nov 22 at 2:40am UTC)
"It's for my father's sake that I respectfully call you Mrs. Feng. Don't think you can slander my friend, and even want to teach this young master a lesson. Who do you think you are?"? Even my father and my eldest brother never said that about me! Ling Feng was so angry that his face turned blue, and his whole body was filled with a freezing chill. If he hadn't been concerned about the identity of the Xuanzu's wife, he would have killed her with a sword! Feng madam was refuted in front of everyone face, but also by a younger generation so scolded lesson, suddenly feel face can not hang, for a time the face is also hard to see the extreme, eyes anger surge, "good you a spirit wind!"! I'm just trying to persuade you with good intentions. Not only do you refuse to accept good intentions, but you also draw your sword against me. I really don't know how your father and mother taught you! "I don't need to bother Mrs. Feng about how my father and mother taught Feng." It was Ling Jun who spoke. He came over with a gloomy face. Qing Jun's face was covered with frost. He strode to Ling Feng's side and looked at him with tenderness and concern. "Feng, are you all right?" The noise here was so loud that it almost attracted the attention of all the people in the banquet, so Ling Jun came over as soon as he heard the noise, but he didn't expect to hear Mrs. Feng preaching so rudely! The wind is his younger brother, from small to large, he is not willing to scold a point, parents are not willing to hit, can be said to be the most precious little person of the whole Eldar, today was scolded by his wife, so after he heard the words of Mrs. Feng, he did not hesitate to stand out. Eldest brother, this woman, relying on her identity as Mrs. Feng, slandered Sister Yue, Sister Xuan'er and Sister Sheng'er. Her words were particularly ugly. I really couldn't listen to them any more, so I made a move. I didn't expect her to be arrogant and teach me a lesson! Lingfeng looked ferociously at the group of timid women in front of him, with a bloodthirsty sneer on his lips. "And this group of people who don't even know what's right and wrong and curse people casually!"! It's more annoying than flies! You don't know anything, and you insult people at will. Where is your upbringing? Moon sister they are my savior, if not for the moon sister, I am afraid I would have died under the claws of Warcraft, become the belly of Warcraft! Their strength is the spirit of the main realm, the month sister's age is much younger than my eldest brother, this is what kind of talent? Even compared to my eldest brother, they are not inferior, do they need to curry favor with me? What a joke! Ling Feng's words shocked all the people present, especially those who had previously laughed at Mu Qianyue, Xiao Xuaner, and Sheng'er. They never thought that the three of them would have a spiritual realm! Only in his twenties! This is too exaggerated! "Wrong!"! The real talent is our master, the master is the genius of the spiritual realm, and we are only through the cultivation of the master to reach the spiritual realm. Xiao Xuaner's lips were filled with a sneer, a group of snobbish villains. What? The girl trained the two of them to the spiritual realm with her own strength? Not to mention that she herself has reached the spiritual realm, she has also trained two subordinates to reach the spiritual realm. What kind of strength is this? "My master is the God of elixir, plastic pallet price ,plastic pallet crates, and his elixir is superb. It's not easy to train us." Sheng son looked at the crowd with a contemptuous face, she always likes to keep a low profile, but this group of people are too self-righteous, so she can not help but cooperate with Xuan son to attack them, let them know what is genius! How elegant her master is, these people are really blind! All kinds of envious and adoring eyes looked at Mu Qianyue in the past, Mu Qianyue always had a faint expression, and did not show a trace of pride and pride.
Seeing the people's envious and adoring eyes looking at Mu Qianyue, Feng Yunxin's face was full of jealousy, and her beautiful eyes were filled with anger. This damn bitch thought she could use the hands of the people and the rumors of the people to hit them heartily, but she didn't expect that Lingfeng would fall out with her and her mother for them, and even hurt the guests! She really miscalculated on this point! Lady Feng's face was blue and red, and she could be as ugly as she wanted to be. But she didn't want to lose face in front of everyone, so she had to bite her tongue. "Xiao Feng, I know you like them, so you will be partial to them. And how difficult it is to become a spiritual master. I don't need to say more. She can also cultivate two masters of the Catholic realm at once?"? Do you really think it's Chinese cabbage? If it is really so easy to cultivate, is it not that there are masters of the spiritual realm everywhere? Forget it, this is your Eldar business, I really have no right to ask, as I worry about it. The meaning of her words was very obvious, meaning that in order to favor them, the spirit wind did not hesitate to talk nonsense about their high spiritual realm. People feel very reasonable, after all, such a young girl, how can it be so easy to reach the spiritual realm! For a moment, everyone looked at Mu Qianyue's eyes and changed again. Mrs. Feng, Miss Mu, they are the saviors of the wind, that is, the saviors of my Eldar. They are the distinguished guests of my Eldar. Please pay attention to your words! Ling Jun looked at Mrs. Feng with cold eyes. Ling Jun, you are now the fiance of the heart, and I am your future mother-in-law, do you want to help three fox spirits to deal with me? "Mrs. Feng narrowed her eyes and said with an unkind expression." Mrs. Feng, please speak with respect. They are the guests of my Eldar. If you insult them again, I can only ask you to go out. Ling Jun's face suddenly cooled down. His words shocked everyone in the room. What? For the sake of three women, the young leader of the Eldar clan wants to throw out the mother of the Xuan clan? Sure enough, Mrs. Feng's mouth was almost crooked. Her face was livid and gloomy, with endless anger in her eyes. "Ling Jun, today is the big day of your engagement with Xin'er. Is that how you treat your future mother-in-law?" Chapter 1727 Lingcheng [18]. Had it not been for Xiner's mood, she would have wanted to fall out with Lingjun long ago! "Mother, don't say it." Feng Yunxin saw Ling Jun angry, hurriedly took Mrs. Feng's hand, I thought I could use these people, and mother, to deal with Mu Qianyue three of them,plastic pallet manufacturer, to drive her out of the Eldar, did not expect things to develop to this point, she did not expect until now Jun brother is still standing on their side!. binpallet.com
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