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City "Time Limited Honey Love President, Have You (24th Nov 22 at 2:40am UTC)
It was because of her that she became like this, and what she thought was really false. Lu Sitian nodded fiercely and broke down in tears. She promised Liang Yilan to leave, now Huo Ziyan woke up, it is time to fulfill. ...... In the ward, Huo Ziyan only regained consciousness, but his body was still very weak. When he glanced around and found that there was no figure of Lu Sitian, he closed his eyes again in disappointment. After seeing him wake up, Lu Huaijing finally left with the police at ease. Out of the ward and Su Jin's eyes crossed, and soon turned around. They are like strangers, not deliberately disguised, but very natural. Su Jin could feel that Lu Huaijing was indifferent to her, because now everything could not be turned back. —— Leaving the hospital with Lu Sitian, Su Jin made an appointment with Mu Chen to meet him at the restaurant where he often went. When he arrived, Mu Chen was already waiting, pushing open the door of the box, Su Jin stood at the door and looked straight at him, then went to sit down opposite him, until the food was served, she did not say a word, always looking at him. Why do you keep looking at me? Mu Chen opened his mouth and said with a gentle smile, "Do you think I'm handsome now?"? You like me? "Mu Chen." He called his name and stared at him. "Why did you do that?" ...... Mu Chen stopped With a puzzled face. You can understand, Mu Chen, I just want to ask you why you did that! Finally, it was discovered.. "Why do you think I am?" Mu Chen put away his smile and finally stopped running away as before. He started to pick up the dishes for Su Jin, without concealing his purpose at all. I do all this to get you,plastic pallet bins, Jin son, I can not Lu Shi and Mu Shi, no status, but can not do without you. "Mu Chen, do you know that all this is illegal?" "What about the evidence?" However, Mu Chen listened to the evil charm of a smile, without the past modest gentleman, no longer disguised, "as long as I can get you,collapsible bulk containers, I can be more unscrupulous." "So, Jin son you and Lu Huaijing together, is a mistake, promised Liang Qifan to marry him, is a mistake, if you want to continue to be wrong, it doesn't matter, I accompany to the end!" Su Jin got up angrily and pointed back at herself, "I'm not as perfect as you imagined!"! Do you think it's worth doing everything for me? "To me, you are worth it." "Mu Chen!" Shout out his name, eyes already full of tears, "you will only make me more afraid of you!"! I hate you even more! "It doesn't matter, I will use time to prove to you that I love you more than Liang Qifan and Lu Huaijing." "You call this a state of mind!" Mu Chen suddenly looked at her with a straight face, "Yes, I am a mutant, always." 135 When the truth is known Before he met her Su Jin, what he did was more extreme than it is now, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible pallet bin, and it was her appearance that made him gradually change. Jiner, no one can stop me, because there is a person who wants them to die more than I do, I don't have to do it at all, so what if you know? Because I didn't do it. "Who did it?" Su Jin asked. Mu Chen answered lightly, "Another Mu Chen." ...... Su Jin, who returned to Qingluo Garden, fell into self-reproach, looked at her daughter's sleeping face, and then thought of what had happened to Lu Huaijing in the past few years. It seems that as long as she is with someone, who will be unfortunate, no wonder Lu Sihan always called her a jinx, is not it? Because what she has been protecting these years is a complete devil! This night, Su Jin checked a variety of books about split personality, she now seriously suspected that Mu Chen is a multiple personality, otherwise how could he say that the person who made that kind of illegal is another one? Because Mu Chen actually said that the other self, is also trying to harm him. Therefore, Su Jin felt that Mu Chen was ill, very seriously ill. ...... Lu Sitian sent a text message saying that before he left, he would go to a place first, so that Su Jin would not worry about her. The next day, with the pupil to the airport to see her off, Lu Sitian also smiled like a flower, "I go alone no problem, this is my second time to go, I got off the plane to prepare oxygen bags first.".
” "Is it really all right for you not to see Huo Ziyan like this?" Su Jin asked. Why not? So he can forget me completely. "What about you?" Me? Am I not fine? When you get rid of your rotten peach blossoms, we'll elope together and wait for you. ...... Lu Sitian's character is like this, the more in the case of extreme sadness, the more camouflage, Su Jin would rather she can vent out. Looking at the security checkpoint, she was still waving goodbye, and the smile at the corners of her mouth was obviously a wry smile. Mommy, where did Auntie go? The little girl lifted up from Su Jin's arms and looked at Lu Sitian as well. Su Jin kissed her daughter on the forehead, congealed Lu Sitian's back, and said with a smile: "a very beautiful place." Lu Sitian has mentioned Tibet to Su Jin countless times, even though the high reaction is serious, but she loves it very much. She often said that the sky in Tibet is very blue, the clouds are like tentacles that can be touched, and there is snow on the top of the mountain all the year round, which is the nearest place to the sky. There, she and Huo Ziyan have the best memories. If she can marry Huo Ziyan in the future, she will definitely hold a wedding in Tibet. Su Jin has a deep understanding of what she said. Because in Su Jin's heart, there is also a place she thinks is the most beautiful, is the endless grassland, there are snow mountains in the distance.. Now, however, everything has changed. ...... Three days later, on the day of the court session, Su Jin was blocked by Lu Sihan at the gate of the court. "What are you doing here?"? All the people in Beicheng know that Liang Qifan is your fiance, and you have a daughter, and now my fourth uncle has become like this, isn't it all because of you? "If you are really good for the Lu family, please don't pester my fourth uncle any more." So, that day,ibc spill containment pallet, Su Jin stood at the door of the court until the verdict came down. Faced with all the charges, Lu Huaijing admitted one by one, and finally the court sentenced him to one and a half years in prison. binpallet.com
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